Welcome to Lani Lau Hawaii !

Inspired by the beauty of the Hawaiian islands and by European and Bohemian lifestyles, our pieces are crafted in 100% lightweight Rayon. Our designs are lovingly produced on the island of Bali, utilizing its wealth of beautiful textiles, prints and batik artists.

Michelle, Lani Lau's designer has spent her life building & creating an ease and flow lifestyle. She travels the world and immerses herself in all sorts of cultures and experiences. Her garments fit comfortably and are meant to compliment your movements, not just your figure. When asked about her print inspirations she said, "I love living my life close to nature whether it be time spent in the ocean or hiking on the local trails of Honolulu. This is why so many of my prints have botanical images that depict the Hawaiian Florals I see while I am out on my weekly hikes or ocean adventures."

Our island inspired pieces take you from a day at the beach to a night on the town. Comfortable, feminine and effortlessly chic, they will easily become your wardrobe favorites.

Lani Lau is owned and powered by women, employing mostly mothers as the 'breadwinners' of their families to help them provide for their homes. We are also a humble sponsor of an international birthing center, we take pride in extending our love and support to mothers worldwide as they embark on the miraculous journey of childbirth.

When you shop with us, you're not only acquiring beautifully crafted statement pieces; you're also contributing to a movement of empowerment and positivity. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your free-spirited, positive journey.